About Us

Founded by avid shooters/collectors/trainers, we are a growing force in the Online Firearms sector. We are striving to become the best on line and cross country retail provider with access to the best and latest gear to anyone-anywhere with access to a computer.

Our focus on firearms and shooting related equipment allows us to buy in large quantities, and pass the savings to you. Everyone who works with us, from the owners to the shipping crew, are shooters and gun lovers first. We absolutely love what we do!

A dedicated crew reviews and adds new items when found to perform as advertised. If feedback indicates a product is not up to expectations, we dump it.

We have an unparalleled 'Lifetime Replacement Guarantee' for many new firearms we sell (please ask us first regarding specific firearms to see if the Replacement Guarantee applies), and continue to stand behind every firearm- providing an extra level of confidence, and another reason to consider purchasing with us.

Finally, if there is anything you want, and we don't have it, ASK US! Quite often we can get what you want, at reasonable or better prices than you thought, in just a few days.

DISCLAIMER: While we do everything in our power to ensure the prices, descriptions, pictures and products on our website are accurate, there may occasionally be errors. Rock Bottom Guns (2A Firearms) reserves the right to complete or cancel any order of products that may be incorrect in any way. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.